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Comprehensive Relationship Approach, 

Do YOU want better relationships?


A 2-day NEW Therapy Workshop - Never offered before!

Begin with Personal Peace: “To Thine Own Self Be True”


From the Comprehensive Relationship Approach


Being true to ourselves begins as a personal and private process. In this NEW Workshop you will introspect and explore in depth your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strengths and weaknesses, habits, desires, and longings. Using the unique combination of EMDR and Bowen work Dana has developed, you will experience  NEW ways of being and consciousness on all levels. Neurologically and emotionally you will gain tools to mark and develop happier patterns and habits for the future. You will know yourself intimately, compassionately, and honestly. And as you grow, your new Self will radiate healing and harmony into your relationships.


Some people are surprised to hear that self-improvement is part of being true to yourself. But think of your car. If you learn that the struts are loose, the brakes are worn, or the power steering fluid is nearly empty, wouldn’t you want to take the necessary steps to deal with those weaknesses? Resolving these problems is a way to be true to the good functioning of your car. Don’t you deserve self-improvement steps even more than your car? Isn’t your best functioning even MORE vital to your well-being?


This Workshop will also activate your ability to be true to yourself when others resist you. You will learn how to take an “I” position to set good boundaries, clarify your opinions and ideas, and bring harmony into conflict.


This two-day workshop leads the way for four other workshops which will integrate EMDR therapy (healing from bad stress or trauma) with Bowen work (recovering from stressful relationship patterns.) These two new modalities help participants learn the skills of emotional maturity. Emotionally mature people use these same skills to prevent or overcome anxiety, stress, and trauma when they have relationship conflict, emotional distance, confusion, and/or codependency. Skills you will find are fun and easy to learn!


For Research ONLY - NO Cost! for Participants


To qualify for the Workshop you must be willing to complete a group of questionnaires before the workshop, in the 24 hours after the workshop, and one month later. Not only will you be healing yourself  and your group, but your valued input will help heal others in the future.


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"What drew me in is EMDR to overcome trauma.

Fire fighers use it to survive their job."\

Leslie C.

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