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Forms & VIDEOS

To the right are some assessment forms. They help Dana get to know you and must be submitted via mail no later than two weeks before the workshop.


Please click each link to download all five (5) and print. Clearly write your name and answer all questions to the best of your ability. 

When you are finished, please call Dana's office at 619-283-5665 and ask for the mailing address. 



To the left are resources to support your experience before and during the workshop. 


First is the iBE Planning Page. Please click the link to download and print two (2) copies. Use one copy while watching the iBE Introductory video - See below. Bring both copies with you to the workshop as they will guide your work on Day 1 and Day 2. 

Please also print both pages of the Bowen Brochure. It gives great insight and tools for your growth. 

ibe introductory video 

Please have a copy of the iBE Planning Page and a pen or pencil with you as you watch this video. Feel free to pause the video and take as much time as you need during the exercises. Participate to the best of your ability. Dana will answer any questions during the workshop. 

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