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Comprehensive Relationship Protocol, 

You can choose from workshops focused on 2 remaining categories of relationship stress or trauma: The Drama of Triangles or The Imbalance of Codependency.

We will offer one FREE Workshop to research participants on the following dates and topics:

Choose one:
October 13-14 on The Drama of Triangling, November 10-11 on The Imbalance of Codependency.

TO HELP YOU DECIDE, see MORE INFO: visit Dana Elken Terrell's YouTube channel or visit the Infographics on this website.

STEP 1: IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER AS A RESEARCH PARTICIPANT, please help us get to know you better, by completing the INTRO SURVEY. We will then let you know if you qualify for a group workshop at this time.


STEP 2:  If you have been informed that you qualify, please download and digitally sign (by typing) the Research Consent Form (WordX Doc) below.


Complete your 4 Assessment Forms in Set #1 (once you are on the RESEARCH ASSESSMENT page, the forms are at the left on the bottom). You can link here to the RESEARCH ASSESSMENT page on this website. This will complete your registration. CONGRATULATIONS!


Research consent
Dates for a FREE Workshop for Research Participants. Choose one from:
Sept. 29-30 on Distance, October 13-14 on Triangling, November 10-11 on Codependency

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