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Dana L. Terrell, LCSW, EAC

Dana has over 40 years experience with an approach to emotional maturity called Bowen family systems theory. Additionally she has over 25 years experience with EMDR, a therapy that helps the brain rapidly shift the way it stores bad experiences. It helps people regain their strengths and talents steadily. When the two approaches are integrated together, people can feel themselves growing in emotional maturity and confidence. Relationships become more satisfying.

Dana has trained other EMDR therapists in her iBE approach. She is an Approved Consultant, helping other EMDR therapists attain EMDRIA Certification. She's been researching iBE since 2013 with individuals and groups. She has a book about iBE.

Dana offers various kinds of EMDR group experiences. In October 2022, she will lead her largest study to date, a randomized control trial of iBE integrated with the Ongoing Traumatic Stress Protocol of Ignacio Jarero, PhD.          Read testimonials about Dana

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