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Comprehensive Relationship Approach 

New Possibilities for Strength and Support 

Heal your lifewith iBE* Therapy

Comprehensive Relationship Approach 

healing is available!

Choose from 5 two-day iBE Therapy workshops, private family sessions focused on a shared trauma, or individual treatment (yes, you can help relationships even if you are the only motivated one).


You will rediscover the healthy brain you've always had. You will creatively shake the challenging, recurring patterns of your life. You will shift from emotional anxiety into emotional maturity. You will feel comfortable and at ease being yourself!

Click on WORKSHOPS on the navigation bar.

Or, contact Dana Elken Terrell, LCSW regarding individual treatment.

*Integrated Bowen and EMDR. Bowen is for emotional maturity in relationships. EMDR is for overcoming relationship stress, anxiety or trauma.


Due to covid-19, Dana is now offering online individual and group emdr therapy sessions

“I knew I should do this, and now I feel more peaceful.”


Are you ready to grow?

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