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Research Assessments


APPLY to become a Research Participant in a Pilot study of the Comprehensive Relationship Protocol



There are four stages of data collection for each of six studies.

For the August 18-19 CODEPENDENCY STUDY or FUTURE STUDIES, please complete:

A) The INTRO SURVEY to help determine if this is right for you now along with your signed INFORMED CONSENT. This is a unique form of group therapy. Your issues are completely confidential, because we work with a simple drawing format (stick figures). You draw your memories of distressing memories in the category relevant to you (see NOTE below). The therapist guides you through this well-researched EMDR group protocol.


Submit the survey, email the signed consent, and state your preferred date(s) for intensive workshops to the therapist researcher, Dana Terrell, LCSW at:

When Dana notes you have no red flags, and confirms there is still room in your workshop, proceed to Step B.


PLEASE Find the assessments in the square at the Lower Left corner of this page. Please print this page to keep track of the steps.

B) Set 1 Assessments to complete by two days before the workshop.

C) Set 2 Assessments to complete within 24 hours of the completion of your group.

D) Set 3 Assessments to complete within 48 hours of your one month anniversary.

This survey helps us get to know you, and helps you determine if this group experience will be a good choice for you at this time. If you do not answer "YES" to any Red Flag in question 26, the group should be beneficial for you (please indicate that "No" they do not apply for you). Then, please go on to complete

Set 1 forms.

Sets 1, 2, & 3

COMPLETE SET 1 Forms (below):

Thank you for your Intro Survey with No Red Flags! Please go on to complete Items 1 through 4 below. 

1. Brief DSI, Set #1

2. HADS, Set #1

3. PCL-5, Set #1

4. SPRINT, Set #1

SET 2 Forms: Please Complete within 24-36 hours of your last session, plus the qualitative survey in your email. Thank you! 

1. Brief DSI Set #2

2. HADS, Set #2

3. PCL-5, Set #2

4. SPRINT, Set #2


SET 3 Forms: Please Complete within 24-36 hours of your one month anniversary. Thank you! 

1. Brief DSI Set #3

2. HADS Set #3

3. PCL-5 Set #3

4. SPRINT Set #3

5. One month after, Please also complete the qualitative survey in your email.

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