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Comprehensive Relationship Protocol 2024 WORKSHOP REGISTRATION

Do YOU want better Relationships?

Begin with Personal Peace: “To Thine Own Self Be True”A 2-day NEW Therapy Workshop of the Comprehensive Relationship Approach

Being true to ourselves begins as a personal and private process. We can be true to ourselves, when we learn to understand ourselves honestly.


We can improve ourselves when we clearly understand the patterns of our weaknesses.


Some people are surprised to hear that self-improvement is part of being true to yourself. But think of your car. If you learn that the struts are loose, the brakes are worn, or the power steering fluid is nearly empty, wouldn’t you want to take the necessary steps to deal with those weaknesses? Resolving these problems is a way to be true to the good functioning of your car. Don’t you deserve self-improvement steps even more than your car? Isn’t your best functioning even MORE vital to your well-being?


The purpose of Bowen theory is to enhance emotional maturity in yourself and bring developed understanding into your responses with others. Murray Bowen, the originator of this systems theory advised taking an “I” position. This means verbally setting clear, calm and consistent boundaries concerning what is important to you. It is especially helpful when others are resisting your input.


In this NEW two-day workshop, participants will benefit from Dana’s specialty combining the powerful therapy approaches of EMDR and Bowen. Participants will practice new skills for overcoming or preventing relationship difficulties -- when people don’t understand, respect, or permit your boundaries. Emotionally mature individuals use these skills to lessen their stress and anxiety. Make your relationships happy and healthy. Fun and easy to learn!


Available NO CHARGE! - For Research Participants ONLY


Please click on the link to my website to register. As this study is for Research purposes only, participants must commit to completing before and after, and one month after surveys. For your efforts, you can attend this new workshop at NO COST! Your healing and response will not only help you, but others in the future.

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